Happy Spring! And, Spring Cleaning!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” ~ Tommy Lasorda

I love Springtime. It’s time to get out and work in the garden, watch baseball games and track meets. It’s time for more bbq’s with friends and family, and wearing my sandles all the time!

Springtime also means cleaning to me, starting fresh. Taxes are done… so all that paperwork that I had pulled out for my tax lady can now be filed away for those 7 years (or maybe it’s only 5 years?). And, I can start fresh with this year’s files. Spring cleaning for your household and/or business paperwork means that you need to organize.

Let’s Get Started… As I set up my new files for the year, this is what I do.

For my files:

1. Alphabetically
2. By subject/topic
3. By date

For my business job book:

1. Phone numbers, addresses, contact information
2. Job task descriptions
3. Any details for specific tasks
4. Correspondence and other samples
5. Helpful information

My cleaning checklist:

1. Check in-baskets and piles every day (Household & Business)
2. At the end of every week, I review each client’s files and emails (Business)
3. At the end of every week, I make my to-do list for the next week (Household & Business)

Try not to be a pack rat and let the paperwork pile up. Set up a specific day to do your filing (hardcopy & electronic) every week, and make sure you do it. And, set up a specific day to review your to-do lists. And, always, keep it simple.